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Reduce the symptoms of Hay Fever
“This really is quite amazing. For the first time ever I have been able to go about my normal routine without sneezing and constantly feeling blocked up”

Allicin for viral infection

Ms M, UK
“Earlier this year I was told by our doctor that our daughter was suffering from molluscum contagiosum, a condition of the skin which causes wart-like spots which eventually (over a period of months or even years) turn into large and painful pustules which eventually burst, sometimes leaving behind a scar or pit.”


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Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. If we have not answered your particular question please use the reply form or .
  • Alliforce™ is a revolutionary all-natural supplement that helps you to maintain a healthy immune system. It is made with new improved formula Xaludicin™ - 100, which consists of 100% allicin powder extracted from garlic.

    Known for its role as an antioxidant and immune system booster, allicin has shown to help keep away colds and flus, as well as helping to lower cholesterol levels and supporting a healthy heart.

    Alliforce™ is clinically proven to be more effective than ordinary garlic products. On top of that, Alliforce™ now also contains Zinc and Selenium. Both minerals are strong anti-oxidative agents that help to maintain a healthy immune function, which adds on to the efficacy of this product.

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  • There is a lot of evidence to prove Allicin can help maintain blood lipid levels and blood pressure, help cure colds and flu, assist in killing bacteria that cause food poisoning. It also can act as a cancer preventative, natural antibiotic, anti-viral agent and even boost your immune system to help you prevent getting any of these conditions. For more information on specific conditions that Allicin can help treat, please refer to our book, "The Heart of Garlic"
  • A powerful garlic supplement should contain a high volume of allicin. The production of allicin requires two garlic components – alliin and the enzyme allinase. When fresh garlic is cut or crushed, these 2 released components will form allicin.

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    It is difficult for allicin to form in the body from dried powder and to be available, where it is needed.

    Alliforce™ is a revolutionary, all-natural supplement produced through a patented process of extracting allicin from heads of garlic. It contains 100% allicin ready for absorption by your body, which means it is a stronger product compared to others.

    Commonly known garlic supplements made with garlic oil, aged garlic extract or garlic powders do not contain allicin. Allicin still needs to be formed in the stomach after consumption of these products. This however, cannot happen because allinase will be destroyed in the acid environment of the stomach. Several clinical studies showed that these common garlic products do not even reach a fraction of the claimed allicin amount of 0.6% - 1%.

    On top of a 100% guaranteed amount of ready bioavailable allicin and its breakdown products, Alliforce™ now also contains Zinc and Selenium. Both minerals are strong anti-oxidative agents that help to maintain a healthy immune function, which adds to the efficacy of this product.
  • Adults and children over 12 years of age take one tablet daily with cold liquid at lunch or dinner. Do not chew, swallow whole.
  • You can take Alliforce™ anytime, day or night, although we recommend that you take it with food as this helps to avoid any reflux action that may occur.
  • As most of the general population have at some time been exposed to garlic, a reaction to any Allicin product would be extremely rare. However, should a reaction occur, stop taking the product.

    Taking too much garlic can prevent blood clotting quickly, so it would be sensible for people already on anti-coagulants or those about to undergo surgery to notify their medical practitioner prior to taking any garlic supplement.
  • As a precautionary measure, we would advise you to consult your medical practitioner before taking Alliforce™ during pregnancy or breastfeeding.
  • If you are taking any medication, in particular blood-thinning drugs, we recommend that you check with your medical practitioner prior to taking any supplement.
  • The Alliforce™ formulation has been developed by expert scientists and includes the very best raw materials and is therefore good value for money.
  • Yes, this product is suitable for vegetarians.
  • Alliforce™ is free from genetically modified ingredients.
  • Alliforce™ is tested and manufactured under pharmaceutical control adhering to GMP guidelines.

    The quality control procedures ensure that throughout the production process, continuous checks for the presence of yeasts, moulds and microbial contaminants, are conducted.
  • Only the very best raw materials are used. They are sourced from world-class suppliers to ensure standardised quality and total traceability.

    Alliforce™ is manufactured using state of the art manufacturing processes and equipment applying stringent hygiene procedures and thorough quality control processes.