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Protection from colds
and flu

Mr P, UK
“Having MS and having no effective immune system, I am certain that taking Alliforce™ capsules over the past winter months has helped to protect me from colds and flu.”

Settling Traveller’s tummy

“Having heard of Alliforce™ from a friend, we took a few packs with us on a recent holiday to Tunisia, where hygiene conditions can be inconsistent, especially, with regard to food”

Helping reduce Cholesterol levels

Mrs J, UK
“A note to confirm the benefits of Allisure capsules. I cannot take medicines to lower my cholesterol, as I am allergic to Lactose”


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What is Allicin?

garlic powderAllicin, is the very heart of garlic. It is the principal biologically active substance that confers garlic its many health benefits. Allicin has a broad spectrum of action that includes antimicrobial, lipidlowering, antiblood coagulation, antihypertension, anticancer and antioxidant activities.

The active ingredient in Alliforce™ products is Xaludicin™ - 100, which contains 100% Allicin powder derived from high quality garlic. Before this, Allicin could not be isolated and stabilised for commercial production.

Today, modern techniques of extraction, isolation and stabilisation have made Allicin readily available. Such is the case of Xaludicin™ - 100, which is 100% pure and stable Allicin in concentrated form. Now, the magical essence of garlic is encapsulated in Alliforce™, ready for your use anytime!

not all garlic product have Allicin

Some garlic supplements such as garlic oil capsules, aged garlic extract or garlic powders contain absolutely no Allicin, instead claiming an Allicin potential of around 0.6%-1% and relying on your body to synthesize the Allicin from the supplied garlic powder.

The following garlic products have little or no Allicin potential:
no Allicin

alliforce effective garlic productalliforce 100% Allicin

Alliforce™ contain 100% Allicin, known as Xaludicin™ - 100, which is not affected by stomach acid and is also odourless.

Alliforce™ is the result of a patented process. It contains 100% Allicin produced from Allicin liquid, which has been extracted from the heads of garlic. Garlic heads, as the raw materials, are carefully selected to ensure that they contain significant enzyme activity (allinase enzyme). The unpeeled heads are split into cloves and then subjected to crushing, filtration, temperature and pressure control and a flood reaction process to produce stablilized Allicin dissolved in water.

The alliin sulphur compound in fresh garlic is subjected to complete conversion by the allinase enzyme to ensure a large volume of active Allicin is harvested.  The volume of active Allicin produced is directly related to enzymatic activity.

It is very important that a stable Allicin, which is the case of Xaludicin™ - 100, is produced.  With 100% stabilised Allicin encapsulated within Alliforce™, there is a better guarantee of bioavailability and efficacy!