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A few words ...
From the people who have benefited from using Allicin:

Read ‘The heart of garlic’ book for further testimonials.

  • “Having MS and having no effective immune system, I am certain that taking Alliforce™ capsules over the past winter months has helped to protect me from colds and flu. I am pleased to inform you, therefore that Alliforce™ with 100% Allicin will definitely be part of my future daily intake. Thank you so much.”

    Mrs I, UK


    “I took Alliforce™ on a maintenance dose of 1 to 2 capsules every other day, depending on how I felt. During this period of approximately six months I never contracted a cold and had good health despite being in the company of others who had colds.”

    Mr P, UK
  • “For the past two weeks 80% of the workforce had colds.
    I was not affected.” Ref: S164/11

    “I have not contracted a cold although I have been in contact with numerous people with one.” Ref: S107/11

    “I work in a large office of 60 people and colds and flu have been raging recently…. but I have not had so much as a sniffle.”
    Ref: S135/11

    “Thank you for keeping me flu-free this winter.” Ref: S040/11

    “I must have been really lucky not to suffer even a cold in 3 months.” Ref: S153/11

    “Finished capsules and no colds or side effects, feel excellent.”
    Ref: S157/11
  • “Having heard of Alliforce™ from a friend, we took a few packs with us on a recent holiday to Tunisia, where hygiene conditions can be inconsistent, especially, with regard to food. Sure enough within a few days nearly the whole hotel suffered from diarrhoea, except us that is. It was quite incredible, as all we did was take one capsule with each meal, which seemed to do the trick. Even our two year old, who did start with a little diarrhoea towards the end, was cured with one single capsule. Needless to say, we were inundated by other holidaymakers to help them out. We could have started a business with this product.

    So great thanks to you for making a wonderfully simple and side effect-free remedy; allowing people to visit even remote areas of the world without worry about traveller’s tummy.”

    DF, UK
  • “I have been taking Alliforce and would like to say how much better my hay fever symptoms are. It was after just a couple of days that I noticed the difference. I will continue taking the capsules.”

    JN, UK


    “This really is quite amazing. For the first time ever I have been able to go about my normal routine without sneezing and constantly having a blocked nose. This Alliforce™ is definitely the best thing I have ever used for treating my hay fever. Thanks ever so much.”

    ZM, UK
  • “A note to confirm the benefits of Alliforce™. I cannot take medicines to lower my cholesterol, as I am allergic to lactose.

    My cholesterol was 6.9, rose to 7.3 and after 4 months of Allforce™ it is back to 6.9. I shall continue to take Alliforce™.”

    Mrs J, UK
  • “I have not had any cold sores on my lips since I started the treatment. One on the tip of my nose and I think that was my husband’s fault, as he had one on his lip. This is the longest time I have experienced being without sore lips, so thank you very much for all your help.”

    S P, Portland, Oregon
  • “Earlier this year I was told by our doctor that our daughter was suffering from molluscum contagiosum, a condition of the skin, which causes wart-like spots that eventually (over a period of months or even years) turn into large and painful pustules, and eventually burst, sometimes leaving behind a scar or pit. She was five years old at the time and we had first noticed some spots when she was only two. Gradually, over time, they had spread from her trunk and arms to her legs, and particularly between her legs and around the genital area.

    They were causing her a great deal of discomfort and embarrassment and it was most distressing to hear from the doctor that there was absolutely no treatment for them as they were caused by a virus. We were told that although painful and unsightly, they were otherwise totally harmless and that they would eventually disappear.

    When I heard, through a friend, that it might be possible to treat the condition with garlic, I decided that anything was worth a try. Through the Garlic Information Centre, we were given a bottle of pure Allicin liquid (a component of fresh garlic most associated with healing properties) and told to apply it to our daughter’s spots twice a day with a cotton bud.

    After only three days there was a noticeable improvement, and after a week the spots had completely gone. We were absolutely thrilled and could hardly believe that garlic had worked so effectively and so quickly!

    I know from talking to other parents that molluscum contagiosum is common in young children. I would thoroughly recommend trying this treatment. It can do no harm and may work for others as it has for us!”

    Ms M, UK
  • “In July I had a very bad eye infection. I went to the doctor and was prescribed an eye ointment called ‘Brolene’. I had to apply this morning and evening, and was told by the doctor that if there was no improvement to go back to do surgery. The day after applying Brolene my eyes had a sticky residue. Using salty water I had to battle to separate my eyelashes. After a couple of days my eyes were still red and sore. The doctor then prescribed an antibiotic eye cream. I had to apply two drops morning and evening. If no better I was to go back to the doctor. Two creams later and there was still no improvement. By this time I was really fed up. I then tried Allicin taking two per day for two days. On the first day the itchiness had stopped and the redness became less. Then on the second day my eyes were completely clear. I was so impressed that I have told friends and work colleagues, about your product. As soon as friends mention they’ve got a pain or a sniffle they are all quite keen to try anything, and I think they too have been very impressed with the results. Thank you again.”

    Mrs F, UK
  • “I started using the liquid as a treatment for Athlete’s Foot in February 2002 and continue to take Alliforce each day. The results are different to those of other treatments in that it does not dry out the skin but kills the infected tissue. Therefore, the incidence of cracking between the toes is virtually eliminated. The overall time scale is slightly slower than pharmaceutical drugs but it certainly keeps the complaint at bay. Interestingly it has not returned in over 9 months, which is very unusual as I often get recurrent infections.”

    Mr KL, Birmingham, Alabama
  • “Jenny has never been able to digest certain foods, especially bread. Already a convert to Allicin she added in a probiotic and follows a regimen as detailed in the Heart of Garlic book. Within just a matter of days she was able to digest meals more easily and even bread stopped giving her stomach cramps and constipation.”

    Ms JB, Kent, UK
  • “Deborah’s wounds are on her spine. One close to the top, which is approx. 2cm by 1.5cm that is overgranulated and weeps. The other is approx. 0.75cm by 0.5cm and near her waistline that is overgranulated but only weeps a little. She had a major spinal operation two years ago and although she has had antibiotics through a Hickman line and a wash-out so far nothing has worked. She has been on oral antibiotics and creams for several months but nothing has been able to shift the MRSA infection. The only option available to her via the hospital is to have all the metalwork removed. As you can imagine she does not want to go back into hospital nor does she want the metalwork removed. We would be very grateful if you could produce a cream and some capsules for her. If you require any further information we can speak to the District Nurses on Saturday. They dress her wounds whilst I do them during the week.”

    Just a few weeks later


    Dear Peter

    “I have not been in touch as mum said she had emailed you. I don't think she wanted to get carried away, but the news is very exciting - I no longer have any infection on my back and it is all thanks to the treatment you so generously suggested. Having had these two wounds on my back weeping for 2 years I don't know quite how to thank you and hope that I get the opportunity to thank you in person at some point. I will also be telling anyone who may benefit from Allicin how miraculous it is.

    I am going to the hospital on Thursday. I am not sure if my consultant can quite believe what has happened, as he, along with some of my district nurses, are not too happy about the thought of using alternative remedies. When I think about how many courses of antibiotics I have been instructed to take in the last 2 years and how many biopsies came back positive for MRSA, I am not surprised that the medical staff cannot believe it!

    Thank you once again for all you have done. You saved me from another horrendous operation. Maybe I can repay you in some way. For instance, if it would be of any benefit, I could write something about my experience with MRSA and how Allicin cured it, if that might help promote the product - just a thought!”

    Deborah, UK
  • “As someone who has full-blown aids for over two years, I can attest to the strength and promise of Alliforce. For a quick example, I was experiencing diarrhoea about once every day or two and then I started taking the product. Since I started using them, I have not had diarrhoea ONCE. I have been using Alliforce for about two months now.

    More dramatically, when I received my first shipment in the mail, I had been sick for three days with a viral infection and had been feeling worse each day. On the third day, I was really quite miserable and ill, especially realising that this illness could go on for two or three weeks – or worse. I started taking my first capsule toward the end of that third day, and two days later (Super Bowl Sunday evening in the US), I was sitting up, eating a pizza and enjoying watching television. I was surprised that I felt so much better in such a relatively short (48 hours) period of time. By the end of the third day I felt like I was basically over my viral infection, and that ‘the bug’ had been killed. Naturally, I was not back to full vigour just yet, but each day, on Alliforce, I felt stronger, healthier, and more vigorous. I was back to my full strength and vigour in about ten days, which is about what it would be for anyone. I was astounded at the healing power that Allicin apparently contains. I feel like Alliforce will, in time, prove itself to be essentially, an “immune system’ in a pill form”, seemingly without any drawbacks, side effects, etc. The potential for improved health for humankind could – based on my own personal experience – be enormous, truly staggering.

    If Allicin could offer this kind of powerful help to someone in my condition, what could it do for people with normal immune systems? Since I’ve started using this product, I have not experienced any other abnormal health problems at all, and I’m not taking any other medicines. I’m now beginning to think that I may be able to “get my life back’ return to work etc. This – as opposed to thinking my days were more or less ‘numbered’! I now once again do the things I enjoy – with confidence – for I no longer feel afraid to over-exert myself physically, etc. My life has, relatively speaking ‘gone back to normal’. I consider Alliforce a medicinal miracle.

    More good news – after years of having ‘borderline-high’ blood pressure, my last visit to the doctor tells me my blood pressure is ‘good’. At first I thought, “how could that be possible?’ Why would my blood pressure suddenly be so different? I think it’s the Allicin. I can’t think of any other change in my life that might have lowered my blood pressure to such a degree.”

    David, New York, USA