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Comments from people who participated in the colds and flu trial
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“For the past two weeks 80% of the workforce had colds. I was not affected”

“I have not contracted a cold although I have been in contact with numerous people with one.”

“Thank you for keeping me flu free this winter”

“I must have been really lucky not to suffer even a cold in 3 months”

“Finished capsules and no colds or side effects, feel excellent”


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Press Articles

There are a number of news articles and feature pieces in the press about garlic and Allicin. To view , click the link below:


“Swabs confirmed they all carried the drug-resistant hospital superbug MRSA – but most were cured within eight to 12 weeks of treatment. Larger wounds…”

How garlic stops MRSA deaths, The Sun [Internet] 18 August 2010.
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"‘Basically, the Allicin compound has to decompose in order to generate a potent antioxidant. The reaction between the sulfenic acid and radicals is as fast as it can get, limited only by the time it takes for the two molecules to come into contact. No one has ever seen compounds, natural or synthetic, react this quickly as antioxidants,’ Pratt said."

Garlic Yields Up Its Health Secret, Health Day News [Internet] 10 February 2009.
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“Researchers have cracked the mystery of why eating garlic can help keep the heart healthy. The key is Allicin, which…”

Why garlic is good for the heart. BBC News [Internet] 15 October 2007.
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“Tests by Dr Ron Cutler, a microbiologist, showed it can cure patients with MRSA-infected wounds 'within days', he said. Allicin, which occurs naturally in garlic, not only killed known varieties of MRSA, but also new superbug generations resistant to 'last-resort' antibiotics such as vancomycin.”

Garlic kills hospital superbug (MRSA) [Internet] 29 Dec 2003.
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“Researchers at the Weizmann Institute in Israel programmed an antibody to hunt down and attach to cancerous cells. The antibody also carries an enzyme, which reacts to create Allicin and destroy the cancer without harming healthy cells.”

Garlic linked to cancer cure, Mail on Sunday Jan 4, 2004.


“The cancer treatment harnesses the natural chemical reaction in which Allicin is produced.”

Garlic could provide cancer drug, BBC News [Internet] 31 December 2003.
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“…Allicin - a compound that occurs naturally in garlic – kills not only established varieties of MRSA, but also destroys the new generation of ‘super-superbugs’ that have evolved resistance to Vancomycin and Glycopeptides, the powerful antibiotics widely considered to be the last line of defence against MRSA.”

University of East London, Garlic Compound Effective Against Killer MRSA ‘Superbugs’ – New Evidence, AlphaGalileo [Internet] 22 December 2003.
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“Hospital patients with the superbug MRSA have been cured after being treated with humble garlic.”

Creasy, Richard, Garlic cure hailed as a breakthrough in killer bug battle, Sunday Express.